Executive Recruitment

Board of Directors

Alan Lockwood, Chairman

Kathryn Singh, Chief Executive

Alison Pearson, Non–Executive Director/Vice Chairman

Tim Shaw, Non-Executive Director

Justin Shannahan, Non-Executive Director

Dawn Leese, Non-Executive Director

Nigel Smith, Non-Executive Director

Dave Vallance, Non-Executive Director

Dr Nav Ahluwalia, Executive Medical Director

Nicola Hartley, Director for People and Organisational Development

Tracey Wrench, Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Nursing and AHPs

Michelle Veitch, Chief Operating Officer

Steve Hackett, Executive Director of Finance and Performance

Richard Banks, Director of Health Informatics

Philip Gowland, Director of Corporate Assurance/ Board Secretary

Jo McDonough, Director of Strategy

Here is the Executive Management Team Organisational Chart including key managers: Executive and Senior Management Team