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Our Vision,Values and Strategic Ambitions

Our Vision

Leading the way with care.

Our Values

Derived from work undertaken with service users, carers and other stakeholders, our values describe how we will act while delivering the mission, in providing services that are:

  • Passionate
  • Caring and safe
  • Reliable
  • Open
  • Progressive
  • Supportive

Our Strategic Ambitions

Our six strategic ambitions define the approach we are taking to deliver our vision. These are:

Ambition One - Be a leading provider of co-ordinated mental and physical healthcare services for people of all ages.

Ambition Two - Develop and deliver services which have a focus on prevention and early intervention, building resilience and promoting recovery.

Ambition Three - Take the lead with our partners to drive the development of accessible patient centred care services closer to people‚Äôs homes.

Ambition Four - Develop a healthcare workforce who are equipped to provide the highest level of clinical care.

Ambition Five - Embrace technology to innovate and continually improve clinical services.

Ambition Six - Maximise benefits to patients through ensuring a strong and sustained financial position to underpin the delivery of high quality clinical services.